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Being treated for an illness or convalescing at home surrounded by the family, is certainly beneficial for the patient's peace of mind. It may, however, give rise to doubts and anxieties on matters such as the right treatment regime or how to interpret symptoms that may arise. In these circumstances, being able to consult a doctor or a nurse who is familiar with the case can be highly reassuring for both the patient and the family.
Net for Care's advanced telemedicine platform allows medical care and e-health services to be delivered directly to patients at home, tailoring the service to each patient's specific needs.

In the case of a chronic illness or following surgery or a stay in hospital, patient and family in the comfort of their own home can receive personalised medical care, including continuous monitoring of vital signs.

A video link also allows them to enter into real-time dialogue with the Telemedicine Centre, where medical and nursing staff are available round the clock to advise on medication or the use of therapeutic equipment, on the basis of a full assessment of the patient's condition.